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G50 Concepts International has a crop of projects to her credit.
The general overview of the projects however met our clients' satisfaction and tastes. These projects could be viewed by following the links to each client's address:


1. Gravitas Media                                             http://www.gravitas-media.com

2. Hebron Foundation (NGO)                            http://www.hebronfoundation-group.org

3. Footpaths Magazine                                     http://www.footpathsmagazine.com

(Online Christian Magazine)

4. Federal Polytechnic Ado,                               http://www.fedpoadoalumni.org

Ado-Ekiti Alumni Association

5. Purpose SMS                                                 http://www.purposesms.com

Online WEB-SMS Platform

6. Men of Purpose Network                               http://www.menofpurposenetwork.org

7. Heirs of God Christian Ministry                       http://www.heirsofgod.org

8. Havilah Décor & Events Managers                   http://www.havilahdecor.com

(Foremost Event manager in Nigeria)

And more still in various stages of development